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Who are we?

Tiny Kids academy pre-school in Universitas, a safe space where we play,learn and grow together with educated staff and high quality playground equipment. We are an English Christian school and cater for 18m to GR R. We feed into CURRO and ADD LAUDAM and our children join some of the top pre primary schools in Bloemfontein ( Eunice, Grey, ST Michaels, ST Andrews) after preschool. We also offer an aftercare service to primary schools in our area (Eunice, Grey, St Michaels, ST Andrews, ADD Laudum,Roseview,JF and CURRO). Our trading hours 7H00 – 17H30 and we only close one week in October and December holiday. We follow the ALDA curriculum Pre grade R and CAPS for our GR R. Kinderkinetica forms part of our curriculum and is included in our schoolfees. We also offer computers and music at no cost. Classes starts strictly at 8H00. We offer breakfast (oats/mieliemeel,matabella and wheetbix) and lunch (cooked meal) and ask you to pack a healthy snack for 10H00 and 14H00 We communicate through whatsapp groups per class to keep you informed of all our activities Staff have received First aid training and SECURITY system at the school consist of cameras system, access control gate, sign-in procedures and alarm system linked to security company with panic button in each class. We offer the following Xtra murals – • Computer literacy (part of curriculum) , • Music (part of curriculum) • Kinder Kinetics (part of curriculum) • Swimming/Gymjam/Rugby/Karate
We grow our school through excellent customer service with our focus on the wellbeing of our children, getting to know and respect our parents, having empathy and sympathy with different situations, an open door policy and pride ourselves in being a family not just a school. Parents have 24 hour access to their teacher, principal and the owner.
Our main marketing is through “word of mouth”, however through market research, using social media, upgrading of our staff (training), equipment, maintenance and our overall image plays a major role in maximizing our numbers every year. COVID did his own damage and we are down from 172 students to 148, we therefor had to restructure and retrench some staff. We decided to start our Aftercare with our own branded bus when we reopened in July 2020 and the exposure we now have at all the primary schools through this is a marketing tool on its own. In order to reach our maximum again, we are also planning an aggressive marketing drive through Social media and pamphlets to a specific target market. We will as always include our parents We trust that through the grace of God and hard work we will restore our numbers and always strive for excellence.

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Our Professionals

Rina Ranti

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Luna Mayu

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Indah Slamet

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ActiveActivities Most Popular 2019&2020 Award